The best of the best in/for Berlin

All the big cities have tons of content/pages/things to care about and not to care about, and Berlin is no different.

In the weekly, I sometimes do shoutouts for people or organisations that deserve it. Since e-mails often get lost in the daily chaos or the depths of inboxes, I collected all the shoutouts in a blog post for posterity.

This post is alive and will be updated regularly with re-edited text from the newsletter. Honourable mentions that are not directly related to Berlin:

Here are current Berlin essentials, sorted alphabetically:

20 Percent Berlin, a newsletter

I discovered this fabulous newsletter randomly while searching for “Berlin” on Substack. I never looked back. Maurice and Andrew deliver a great and often humourous mix of essential news from Berlin, 2x per week. So far have not met them in person, but I just have a feeling they are good lads. Subscribe on their website. They also gave me a shoutout which motivated me to continue. Thanks!
(in issue #18, 29th of Aug ’22).

Arbeitnow, a job board

Adi is a great guy who completely independently runs a successful job board, Arbeitnow. Besides job positions in Germany with plenty of filters, it also includes many useful tools and articles, for example, what to do when you are fired or a tax calculator. An excellent side-project!
(in issue #29, 21st of Nov ’22)

All About Berlin, a blog

One of the several blogs for newcomers in Berlin. I like becuase it is so clean and, it feels, includes only what is required. Kudos to Nicolas! If you ever wonder how to get something in Berlin, Nicolas has it.
(in issue #34, 9th of Jan ’23)

Berlin Events Weekly, a newsletter

Imagine someone would select a couple of events in Berlin each week and deliver them to your inbox on Sundays so that you could plan your week the German way, huehue? Imagine. But not just some random crap, you know, the good stuff. Well: Zim is doing exactly this, and you should definitely give him a follow.
(in issue #44, 20th of Mar ’23)

He also created this fantastic map of places of interest in Berlin.

Data for Good, a podcast

This podcast is as niche as you can be. Its produced by Matt and Joseph with a specific Berlin & Data angle. Full disclosure: Matt and Joseph are independent recruiters and, I suppose, use the podcast as one of the growth channels. A great listen if you want to get a better impression of how a particular company/manager is thinking about data. Give it a listen on Youtube or Spotify
(in issue #24, 17th of Oct ’22)

Jonny Whitlam, a tour guide

I met Jonny Whitlam on Twitter suggesting he should do tours for non-tourists. You should totally follow him on Instagram or TikTok because he does these great 1-2 min clips about Berlin. Top lad, worth a follow, or when you have friends over, you can book a tour with him.
(in issue #42, 13th of Mar ’23)

Settle in Berlin, a blog

Settle in Berlin is also a blog for newcomers to Berlin, but also much more. Bastien also created the famous Berlin Flat Quest game and has a YouTube channel with educational videos about Berlin. Warmly recommend a follow.
(in issue #39, 13th of Feb ’23)

Zaki, a copywriter/one-person-agency

Zaki is a copywriter/one-person-agency who is the first handpicked reader I ever met live back in the early days of handpicked. Meanwhile, we had a couple of beers, and he is switched on. Get in touch via his LinkedIn if you’re looking for someone, in Zaki’s words, “to crank your copy up a notch!”
(in issue #30, 28th of Nov ’22)

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