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First, we have partners …

We enjoyed partnering with Igor and Handpicked Berlin! It was easy, smooth, fun, and creative! Congrats on creating a practical and useful newsletter for the tech community!

– Vika Kolomiets, Recruitment Marketing Manager at Grammarly

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Manuel Meurer

Igor has created a fantastic resource that thousands of readers enjoy to stay up-to-date on Berlin tech news and jobs! Working with him is a great pleasure since he puts just as much effort into the cooperation as he does when curating his newsletter.

– Manuel Meurer, Founder & CEO at Uplink


I have some exciting news to share: your publication on Substack has been handpicked to feature on Discover.

Our team combs through the platform to find publications to spotlight. We look for writers who, like you, are covering a clear topic in a unique way and exemplify Substack best practices, like posting regularly and engaging with readers.

– Hannah, Substack

We had a guest for the podcast suggesting a collaboration with Handpicked. They thought it was run by a full time company.

– Matt Brady, Data for Good Podcast

You provide a super well-curated newsletter. I find it really useful to understand the market in Berlin and explore potential opportunities for myself that I would in general not see with my usual filters.

– Pierre

The jobs are mainly IT or data related, and I am a legal professional, but I still enjoy reading it to see what’s going on, especially the part about startups since I also work at a startup. I also enjoy your parts that are not related to the jobs. Fun to read! 😀

– Helen

Interesting and new content, well summarized, funny 


Because I’m always on the hunt for new opportunities and trying to keep on the pulse of the tech scene (and you’re a legend in person!)

Zaki Gulamani

Wanting to move to Berlin and like being in the know! I like how in-depth and varied it is


I first discovered your posts on Reddit, but only found out about your newsletter after seeing a shoutout in 20 Percent. I subscribed and am particularly interested in job listings and hiring information, especially in my field. Although I work for a tech recruitment company, I follow your newsletter for my own personal interests. The most valuable content, in my opinion, is the collection of thoughts and links as they always teach me something interesting.


As a freelance art director with a tech background, it is a useful resource for job related information


Dear Handpicked,

I absolutely love your newsletter, and all the work you put into it. My only qualm is that you only seem to post more senior positions. I just finished graduate school at Free University, and I don’t think many like me are ready to be in a senior role quite just yet. Just something I’ve been thinking about.

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