Handpicked Partners:

We enjoyed partnering with Igor and handpicked for Berlin! It was easy, smooth, fun, and creative! Congrats on creating a practical and useful newsletter for the tech community!

– Vika Kolomiets, Recruitment Marketing Manager at Grammarly

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Manuel Meurer

Igor has created a fantastic resource that thousands of readers enjoy to stay up-to-date on Berlin tech news and jobs! Working with him is a great pleasure since he puts just as much effort into the cooperation as he does when curating his newsletter.

– Manuel Meurer, Founder & CEO at Uplink

What do subscribers say?

Sara Chahrrour

I really like your personal approach to the newsletter, the light tone and the carefully curated listings.

– Sara Chahrrour, Media Diet

Punit Thakkar

It has quickly become one of my favourites, not only because it has a well-curated list of opportunities, but also because of its tongue-in-cheek style.

– Punit Thakkar, Hello Universe

I look forward to your Handpicked newsletter at the beginning of each week and have been for a while now! It really brightens my day!

Olivia Stieler von Heydekampf, tech recruiter

anonymous profile

Really appreciate your work. In a busy world full of distractions and generated content, a handcrafted list is like a fresh breeze.

Patrik, anonymous

anonymous profile

I love reading Handpicked for Berlin, I am currently looking for a new job but the time and effort it takes to trawl through LinkedIn/job websites etc always feels quite overwhelming and to be able to read your expertly curated job highlights helps to see what is out there with little effort from my side.

– Louisa , anonymous

anonymous profile

I found this newsletter on Reddit and signed up as I was looking for jobs at the time. While my freelance career kicked off and I’m not looking for full-time work anymore, at least not for now, this gives me a great overview of what opportunities exist in the tech scene here for when I want to re-enter the market… you never know what will show up. 

– Zaki, anonymous

anonymous profile

You provide a super well-curated newsletter. I find it really useful to understand the market in Berlin and explore potential opportunities for myself that I would in general not see with my usual filters.

– Pierre, anonymous

anonymous profile

You’re publishing an exceptionally interesting and well curated newsletter. I really enjoyed it so far and wanted to say Thank you!

– Chris, anonymous

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