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🇩🇪 Berlin & Germany

  1. Tapline, Berlin-based revenue-based financing platform, raised €31.7M pre-seed, out of which €30M is in debt. Careers.
  2. Ostrom, Berlin-based green electricity provider, raised €9.3M. Careers.
  3. Customcells, Itzehoe/Tübingen-based lithium-ion battery Frauenhofer spin-off, raised €60M Series A. Careers.
  4. Parkdepot, Munich-based parking specialist, raised €15M Series A. Careers.
  5. Circus, Hamburg-based sustainable delivery/kitchen-hub startup, raised €11M. Careers.
  6. Getir finally acquired Gorillas for €1.2B. Let’s see who acquires Getir in 2 years. In the meantime, Flink Austria is insolvent (🇩🇪), broke, no more, ceased to be.
  7. Why does Trivago pay €8M for the Chelsea training kit and Teamviewer €46M for the match kit of Manchester United? Apparently, this channel is especially effective on social media. More on sponsoring on Business Insider. (🇩🇪)
  8. Tesla is struggling to hire enough people at their factory at Grünheide: here is an interesting discussion on Reddit. Based on the rumors the pay is not really good. It will be interesting what happens after the expansion, which just got approved. (🇩🇪) They plan to build a service & logistics center.
  9. If you ever wondered how much big tech is prepared to pay for your traffic data, you have your answer: $2 monthly (Amazon, for their Ad program).
  10. Don’t cancel your €29 ticket yet. It’s ‘repeat election’ time, and maybe we still get a special deal for AB zones in Berlin from January onwards. (🇩🇪)
  11. What are typical Berlin dishes? tipBerlin made an overview. (🇩🇪) I still need to try Tote Oma and some of the spirits.
  12. We will be able to binge-watch stuff from Paramount in DACH. Paramount+ is coming to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Another subscription for your hard-earned euros.
  13. The top online shops (🇩🇪) in Germany are 5. Ikea, 4. Zalando, 3. Mediamarkt, 2. Otto and 1. Amazon. Otto’s revenues are over 5B, while Amazon’s are above 15.5B. Phew.
  14. Hard to believe, but there is a judge that has so far always ruled in favour of landlords. (🇩🇪) Someone copy-pasted an article from Berliner Zeitung to Reddit, and the whole situation is weird. Do you believe in karma? I do.
  15. layoffs this week: Grover (40/10%).
  16. r/berlin choice of the week are bars with unusual activitiesKürbiskern Bar, for example, has magicians. 

🇪🇺 Rest of Europe & UK (Top 5)

  1. Oda, Norwegian grocery delivery with big plans in Berlin, raised $151M on lowered valuation. Careers.
  2. Einride, Swedish autonomous freight mobility company, raised $500M. Careers.
  3. Nornorm, Copenhagen-based office subscription furniture startup, raised €110M. Careers.
  4. Curve, UK-based lending fintech, raised €1B credit facility. Careers.
  5. Mapiq, Dutch leading workplace experience platform, €17M Series A extension. Careers.

🤓 Timeless and useful

It is gift season. So, how to buy great presents? Collecting a running list during the year sounds like a great tip. Also, “Can I introduce someone to something they might not otherwise know about? Can I get them a nicer version of something than they would buy for themselves? Or can I make them feel seen?”

😅 Meanwhile

Ryanair was cheeky with this tweet. Comments are also fun. After England lost, they did this.

This is a footer 🚃 for you. In Berlin, U1/U3 drives through an apartment building. Imagine landlord saying: “It is €1000 kalt, but you will get used to it.”

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