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Handpicked has lots of great and exciting readers. Among them are hiring managers, linguist masters, artists, underground clubbers, curious minds, hobbyists, green-thumb gardeners, careerists, queers, city secret-finders, techies, ChatGPT fans, curators, unemployed geniuses, tigers, future lovers, developers, time-bending historians, broken-hearted exes, pensioners, Berliners, queens, sales reps, people from other continents, micro-influencers, foodie explorers, tour guides, copywriters, tale-spinning buskers, musing philosophers, and adrenaline chasers.

Handpicked has variety.

But it also has a common interest: 🇩🇪 Berlin and everything related.

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For the history books:

#1 Handpicked meetup

BrewDog Mitte, 12.4.2023

#2 Handpicked meetup

Brauhaus Südstern, 15.6.2023

Meetup Suedstern

#3 Handpicked meetup

Beergarten Prater, 17.8.2023

(sadly we forgot to take a photo 🥲)

#4 Backyard Party with Berlin Events Weekly

Crack Bellmer, 9.9.2023

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