Get sh!t done! sessions

Who else wants to get sh!t done?

🎉 Get Sh!t Done Sessions will supercharge your productivity and help you tackle tasks you’ve always wanted to accomplish but never found the time. We know it works because we tested it on several cohorts. Knowing other people are there will help you with accountability and moving things forward like nothing before!

It’s simple: you join our 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM online call on weekdays for ten workdays in a row. You can skip sessions or join them later, for example, after our first break at 7:00 AM.

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It’s only 10€ for ten sessions. We run the sessions monthly and will e-mail you the dates and details.

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🤔 Not convinced yet? Read on:

GSD Sessions will help you:

  • to work on your most important priorities right at the start of your day,
  • to set the tone of the day,
  • to make progress on things that often get postponed.

It works because you’ll be a part of the community that keeps each other accountable and motivated!

Imagine! You could finally:

  • complete that course you signed up for ages ago,
  • study German or any other language,
  • read a book,
  • kick-start your hobby project,
  • work on your portfolio,
  • start learning a new programming language,
  • or do whatever else under the sun.

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🧐 Still not convinced? Read on:

Why does it work?

  • We meet each day on a Google Meet call at 6:30 AM
  • We work together for 1.5 hours
  • We keep each other accountable with short updates and goal-setting diary.

You don’t believe us? See what the participants said:

I’d been procrastinating on some of my projects for weeks, so I decided to give these GSD sessions a shot. In total, I did 15 morning sessions and, surprisingly, got a lot of work done. And the best part? I met with some of the participants in real life, and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

— Egor

Participating in GSD sessions has been instrumental in helping me transform my habits. I’ve been wanting to establish a habit of waking up early for some time now, but it was a challenge. The concept of being part of a group with shared motivation and a daily wake-up plan has been incredibly beneficial. It provided the motivation I needed to stay committed to the goal.

— Asmita

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend all the sessions, but just the fact that I knew that somebody else was there, in the call, every morning, pushing forward…well, that fact alone motivated me to get up several days and just get shit done for myself!

— Enrico

The early morning sessions were quite helpful. It was good to have the company of others working at the same time. It added a focused start to my day. I would  recommend and participate in future sessions.

— Batir

I loved the GSD sessions so much! As a freelancer who depends on self-motivation to run her business, what I miss so much is team accountability. I’d long predicted that waking up early was the key to my weekday productivity and happiness. Having a group of people to hold me accountable to showing up and getting my sh*t done was exactly what I needed to make progress on personal goals that otherwise would have fallen to the wayside.

— Nisha

GSD sessions hosted by Igor and Amit are a great way to have accountability. If you have already decided to wake up early and be productive the GSD sessions can help cement the habit. Knowing your peers are all there waiting for you to join them gives the extra push to get out of bed and before you know it you’ll be waking up early on your own and have several hours to GSD even before breakfast.

— Sahil

Here is what we looked like at the end of the first cohort:

A screenshot from the pilot!

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🥷 Still not convinced? Let’s give it a final try:

What does 10€ get you?

  • 10 sessions (90 min each), weekdays, start dates tbd.
  • Goal Setting Dairy to keep track of your goals.
  • A group of new contacts and occasional meet-ups.

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