ByteBack Network: reducing screen time together

Join us and decrease your smartphone screen time!

It started with my article on Substack. To help with accountability and tracking my own progress, I started a WhatsApp community: we simply share our screen time once per week and have an occasional exchange on different topics. The Screenshot Group is open on Mondays from 13:00 – 16:00 CET.

You can join us anytime:

BB Network on WA

Things to try.

  • Try not to pick up the phone on public transport; observe people instead.
  • Set a 30-minute timer to work on something with intent.
  • Leave the phone in another room a couple of times.
  • Go for a 20min+ walk without your phone.
  • (more will be added weekly)

(WIP) Get inspired by others – How to?

How to prevent using your phone before sleep?

How to increase my attention span and not look at my phone when I try to read / do other things?

How to decrease the use of social media apps?

(WIP) The tools we use.

iOS: Opal

Android: StayFree