About handpicked for Berlin

What is handpicked for Berlin?

It’s a weekly Monday morning newsletter, shipped for free since early May 2022. It fights the explosion (=spam) of everything. The job market is no different. That’s why I carefully select:

  • no more than 20 job openings,
  • funding rounds from Berlin and Germany, 
  • Berlin-related news and links (+other good stuff),
  • a timeless link, a shoutout, a meme and a footer 🍪.

You can see an example here.

What types of jobs are published?

Selection is biased towards generalists & techies in good corporates, start-ups and scale-ups. Weekly selection consists of:

Data & Operations

Projects & Product

and Outliers that do not fit in either.

Reader’s submissions and sponsored posts are marked.

How do you make the selection?

I browse(d) through thousands of job descriptions, so I have a good feeling for what is going on. On top, I read a lot, follow trends and talk with people.

Selection is a combination of my experience and my good bullshit detector.

☝️Only 20 positions get handpicked. I try to exclude everyone who does not deserve your attention.

I am not looking. Why subscribe?

Because you never know when inspiration strikes:

it could be a job you see or a recently funded company with a great business,

it could be something for your friend or partner,

it makes sense to be informed on what is going on, and

you will surely find something interesting in each issue.

How can I support you?

The best support is to share handpicked with someone or send me feedback.

You can also become a supporter.

How can I sponsor?

Handpicked enables you to reach thousands of readers and has above-average open rates (55-60%).

I do partnerships, sponsorships and featured positions for selected companies. Please get in touch with me via this form.

Who are you?

I’m Igor, living and working in Berlin. I like to cook, read and write. I started with Handpicked to contribute something meaningful. Besides, curated content by humans has a bright future in the coming world of AI bots.

My other hobby projects include:

lindyrecipe, a library of excellent recipes

Eightyfour, currently dormant Substack

Contact me here. Thanks for reading and subscribing.

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