About Handpicked Berlin

What is Handpicked Berlin and who is running it?

What is Handpicked Berlin?

Handpicked Berlin (est. May 2022) is your weekly dose of quality and spam-free content. It’s FREE. Each Monday you’ll get:

  • community news/ads,
  • a selection of 20+ fresh job openings,
  • updates on the latest funding rounds in Berlin and Germany,
  • relevant Berlin-focused news and insightful links, along with other engaging content,
  • plus other treats.

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The gorgeous Handpicked Berlin logo was designed by Dejan Ulcej. I made the website myself and use Substack to send you the e-mails.

Who are you?

I’m Igor, living and working in Berlin. I am interested and curious. I started with Handpicked to contribute something meaningful. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

My other hobby projects are currently paused, but:

lindyrecipe, a library of excellent recipes

Eightyfour, another Substack

Contact me here. Thanks for reading and subscribing:

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How can I support handpicked?

You can read it, share it and send me feedback.

How can I sponsor?

Please get in touch.

Selection of Jobs? What types of jobs?

In response to the feedback from readers, I adopted the approach in Issue #55. Each week, I provide a handpicked selection of 20+ job openings centred around a specific theme and a few “Online Only” opportunities outside the theme (available via a link in each issue). I strive to keep the listings as fresh as possible, ideally only a week old.

Currently on rotation:

  • Technology & Development: (e.g. Software Engineer, Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager)
  • Data, Analytics & Finance: (e.g. Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Financial Analyst, Data Engineer)
  • Marketing & Communications: (e.g. Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, Content Manager, Social Media Specialist, Public Relations Manager)
  • Design & UX/UI: (e.g. Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Web Designer, Creative Director, Art Director)
  • Sales, Customer Success & Operations: (e.g. Sales Representative, Account Manager, Customer Success Specialist, Operations Manager, Business Development Manager)
  • Business & Strategy: (e.g. Business Analyst, Project Manager, Management Consultant, Strategy Analyst)
  • Human Resources & Recruitment: (e.g. HR Manager, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Analyst, Employee Engagement Specialist)

How do I make the selection?

Having looked through thousands of job postings since Issue #1, I have a good feel for what is happening in the market.
I read a lot and talk to people in different industries. This, coupled with my good bullshit detector, helps me pick out the positions I feel are promising, also considering the latest development in and outside Berlin.

Why subscribe, even if you’re not actively looking?

Because you are curious and Handpicked is much more than jobs!

🧐 You will nurture your curiosity: Life should be a journey of constant discovery. A fantastic opportunity could appear anytime – a great job offer, an exciting, freshly funded startup, or a link to something that will make you think.

🚀 You will boost your network: Perhaps you’ll see something for a friend, a partner, or a colleague. They’ll be grateful!

☝️ You will stay informed: Staying up-to-date is your competitive advantage. Whether it’s about jobs, events, or curated tech and non-tech news – knowing is always better than not knowing. Almost always.

🤗 You will connect: Expand your network by connecting to like-minded people on meetups or online.

Or, hey, come for the memes and the special Handpicked voice.

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